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Keep running,
We've got you covered.

Building your automated regression tests with a proven combination of tools, methodologies and people

Want to be a part of the leaders who got it right?

The pace and quality of agile development are highly dependent on regression tests coverage.
Nevertheless, only a third of tech companies have more than 50% test coverage.

Applitest will get you covered thoroughly & efficiently


We are your automation team

Spinning from a product company, we worked several years to achieve an efficient end-to-end model that worked for us.
We reached thousands of tests running every night, enabling faster (agile) development, while maintaining the quality of the product.

After selling our company,

we have decided to spin out and offer other companies to implement the same.

How do we work?

Partnering with Applitest is unique.

We build on your capabilities and fill the missing gaps with knowhow, experience, tools, leading local experts and cost-effective offshore implementors.

Automated regression test is our expertise

While having a strong and skilled team, as well as the right tools, are important factors in achieving success, it is also crucial to have the proper methodologies and processes in place.

Through years of experience, we have perfected our regression testing management processes by focusing on four key areas: test creation, execution, maintenance, and status monitoring. Our aim is to achieve maximum efficiency while minimizing the impact on developers, and providing clear and concise reporting to management through statistics and dashboard visualization

Get covered now,
Start automation today.

How it works?



Analysis & POC

Our experts will spend 2-3 weeks getting to know your platform, development, QA, and DevOps processes, and identifying your specific needs.

We will then analyse your current status and create a set of automated regression tests to validate our assumptions.

Based on the results, we will provide a comprehensive recommendation for an automation strategy, including team size, processes, and tools.




During the first 2 months, our team will focus on setting up the testing environment, learn your product and implementing the first set of automated regression tests. In parallel, we will collaborate closely with your development, QA, and DevOps teams to establish efficient processes and communication methods. 



Getting you covered

Going forward, our team will continue building automated regression tests to cover your product thoroughly. 
We don’t just build tests, We take a thorough approach to testing, investigating each and every failure in detail. If the issue is found to be a problem with the test script, we will fix it. If it's a product bug, we will provide a comprehensive report with reproduction steps, video recordings, and relevant logs. 
This approach helps to eliminate flaky tests and false positives, providing you with clear and actionable results, ensuring that the development team faces only real issues.
We send progress reports weekly, conduct periodically status meetings and provide access to statistics dashboard.

What do our customers say?

“First regression tests were running within days. No later than 2 months later, we had our sanity bucket covered. Following, we’ve been able to accelerate our deployments pace, while increasing our product coverage.”

Gil Pry-Dvash
CPO, Orcanos

"The Applitest team exceeded our expectations by expertly handling not only standard SaaS technologies, but also complex implementations such as Canvas, iFrames, and data management. Their comprehensive approach truly sets them apart."

Yoel Zohar
VP R&D, RiT-Tech

What we are frequently asked?

  • Who is Applitest for?
    Applitest is ideal for growing SaaS companies with low regression tests coverage or no tests at all. It is suitable for companies that wants to delegate test maintenance from their QA teams. And it is a great fit for companies at any stage of their CI/CD adoption or those considering an agile approach, but also for ones with no approach at all.
  • What kind of applications is it for?
    If your product is a web-based application, Applitest is the perfect match for you.
  • We want to go agile, why is it necessary to have Automated Regression Tests?
    Agile development emphasizes rapid development and deployment. A key factor in achieving high deployment rates is the ability to quickly test new builds to ensure nothing was broken. With automatic regression tests, you can validate builds in a matter of minutes to a few hours, enabling a seamless and efficient development process.
  • Is it possible for us to work together, even if we don’t have manual test scripts (documents)?
    Yes, of course. Having manual test scripts is the first step in setting up automated checks. Your QA processes should be supported with test cases, which are the basis for developing test scripts and creating further automation infrastructure. If manual test scripts are not yet in place, Applitest's team would be glad to create them for you.
  • Isn’t automation more expensive than manual testing?
    Setting up automated regression tests requires a larger initial investment. However, in the long run, automation becomes more cost-efficient than manual testing, which is illustrated in the graph below:
  • Shouldn’t the developers build the automated tests?
    While developers should be involved in QA through creating and maintaining Unittests as part of their codebase, full end-to-end regression testing requires a functioning system and can be time-consuming, requiring analysis and high maintenance hours. Although developers may have the skills to use testing tools, it may not be cost-effective for them to perform this task.
  • How much does it cost?
    The cost of the package you choose will vary, depending on the size of the team we allocate to you. The recommended team size is determined by factors such as the size of your application, development pace, and desired coverage speed. Compared to an equivalent in-house alternative, Applitest is estimated to cost about half as much.
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